Saturday, February 5, 2011


One word that described the concert, like the whole thing:

Lightning Seeds were amazing, a lot of people came but I was surprised that they were in Playground since Playground is usually a DJ trance sort of festival. The two main acts were Steve Aoki and Lightning Seeds, I didn't stay for Aoki (plus already watched him earlier that year so). The crowd didn't move a lot, I mean they were bobbing their heads up and down like bobble heads and raising their hands up but, the crowd didn't really jumped simultaneously like they usually do in gigs, BUT! they had a good reason. When I said it was muddy, it was deadly muddy. I don't even want to think the bacteria running through those field that day. Stupidly, some people wore flats and really nice high heels shoes, I mean it was a horrifying site.
I remember there was a couple of fans that brought England's flag? And they were chanting the 'Three Lions', which was pretty amazing.

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