Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I might be a little lazy and very bored since it's 12:30am here in Jakarta. OKAY!

So on the Saturday, my friends and I went hunting for Vampire Weekend. No such luck, sadly. Then on the Sunday my friends and I found out they had a press conference in Sultan hotel, we went there early in the morning and again. No such luck, so we all went to Grand Indonesia, and turns out that they were there too but we didn't meet them. See how lucky we are? Uhm not so much.

I was kind of afraid that the concert might be boring since, let's face it, their songs are somewhat similar and it's very poppy whilst some are a bit slow so, I was THAT excited. I was excited but, not VERY excited. It was nice to go to a concert with all of my friends, and made some new friends there in the concert too. We waited for a while, the place was nice (i've always liked gigs in Bengkel Night Park) and the opening artist came on. She was okay, not a lot of people was very cheery at the start because they've been waiting for Vampire Weekend for a while. But when they actually came on stage, people literally went crazy. I've never been to a concert where more than 90% of the crowd actually didn't care what they were doing and what people thing etc, especially in Jakarta since most teenagers are 'jaim' which is really annoying considering you are in a concert.
So there was a lot of jumping, singing along, screaming, yelling their names, desperately trying to get a good look at CT's beard and pushing trough the crowd to get in front. Again no such luck. A-punk was the best song in my opinion, everyone was dancing and singing along and I just can't forget that very moment out of my head.
Although I have got to say, there was this bitch in front of me that kept bbm-ing through out the whole concert, she was VERY annoying. While the rest of the people in the back wanted to get in front and take her spot since she's not doing anything, she just stood there looking down at her blackberry while occasionally giving people the stink eye when they 'accidentally' push her. But i mean come on, it is a concert.

So at the end of their set, you know how bands usually throw their picks and such to the crowd? Yes they did that, I was looking at the flying picks thinking "wow... I really wish I was a the other side of the crowd so I can get a chance to get a pick, I doubt I will get a pick but, it would be pretty cool, maybe if I jumped on people's head..........." My thoughts were suddenly stopped by the crowd in front of me going back while their hands up in the air, I literally had no idea what is going on, until a drumstick fell on my stomach.
Excuse my weird face and small tongue but yeah, I got the drumstick. That could just be one of the luckiest thing that has ever happen to me [yet].

I have to say it was rather disappointing there. I could see from interviews and photos and such that Vampire Weekend looked very bored in both Singapore and Jakarta, and I knew that their Singapore set will definitely not top the one in Jakarta.
So that night I went to esplanade, since they had seats the space was very limited but my friends and i decided to go to the front of the stage like some people too. It was much more fun there, people danced and sang along but not as crazy as the ones in Jakarta. I was still wearing the Vampire Weekend concert bracelet from Jakarta and kept waving my hands up in the air blah blah blah and I swear CT pointed his drumsticks to my crowd direction because I was, 1) the only one screaming while putting my hands up, 2) wearing the bracelet in my side of the crowd. So I'm just gonna say he did pointed at me. There.

I found the gig rather disappointing because, I knew that they will play the same setlist they had in Jakarta and I was right, but they said the exact same things in both places. From the chit chats like "how are you Singapore? beautiful place you've got here" and "This next songs goes a little bit like-" blah blah blah. Exact same words, all of it.
Well at least I got a somewhat closeup picture of Baio, his dance moves were divine.

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